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We believe that healthy should taste good and feel good, too. Our handcrafted juices, smoothies, salads and  bowls are natural, clean and always buzzing with the most energizing and nutrient-rich ingredients for a feel good life

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Fresh fruit juice, healthy drinks.

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Pure & Simple Juices

Juicing is a natural way to feed our bodies with essential minerals, vitamins, and living enzymes. Almost all of the nutrients our bodies need can be found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables. Incorporate juice into your life, and pack more healthy choices into your days.

Ask about our 3-5-10 day Juice Detox

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Smoothie Bowls

Pure and Simple South Amboy  specializes in creating incredible smoothie bowls that are sure to satisfy all your cravings for delicious, nutritious food. These specialty smoothies are super thick, served in a bowl, with a variety of fresh fruit toppings that are loaded with all the things a healthy body needs while tasting fantastic. Visit us in South Amboy ,NJ  today and check out all the ways we offer you for enjoying the great flavors and value of salads and  bowls.

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Smoothies retain all the fiber of whole raw fruits and vegetables. Eating fiber is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to prevent disease because it helps the body to eliminate waste materials and deadly toxins. Benefits of smoothies include the following:
  • Improved digestion and elimination: Fiber is the one key factor in the body’s ability to eliminate waste on a regular basis.

  • Weight loss: When used as part of a low-fat, low-sugar diet, vegetable smoothies provide pure nutrients to your cells and bulk from the fiber, which makes you feel full.

  • Healthy substitute for empty-calorie drinks and snacks: Smoothies’ fiber and other slow-digesting ingredients (like nuts, seeds, or yogurt) allow them to stay with you longer and satisfy you more than coffee, soda, or other drinks.

  • Meal replacement: Smoothies are high-nutrient options. If you add small amounts of protein and even some grain to a vegetable smoothie, you can build that drink into a satisfying meal replacement.

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Fresh Salads

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your nutrition or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, We offer a varitety of fresh salads. Our delicious low calorie leafy greens pack a powerful punch of nutrients anytime of the day.

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Pure & Simple Detox

Pure and Simple detox  is a nutritional liquid cleanse program that gives your body a break from the stress and toxins of your on-the-go lifestyle. Bathe your digestive tract in nutrient and vitamin-rich beverages – made form organic fruits and vegetables.

Much like the other routine maintenance – oil change for the car, visit to the dentist – seasonal cleansing is maintenance for your body.

With our Pure and Simple detox we aim to to focus on your health and wellness. Reflect on your current eating habits, curb cravings, discover mental clarity, awaken your energy, jump-start weight loss and remind yourself what it feels like to feel good!

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